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We Have Electric Bikes!

This fall, we are highlighting and featuring the increasingly popular electric bikes. Electric bikes offer pedal assist, while still providing exercise and the joy of riding.

Highlander stocks two different e-bike systems: the Bosch system and the BionX system.

If you are interested in an electric bicycle, please stop by Highlander to discuss your options!

Fuji's Website:
BionX's Website:


Fuji's E-Traverse*

Previously $2,649, now $2,295

*limited to bikes in stock

All Bosch systems are already equipped on Fuji's line of e-bikes. Currently, Fuji offers two models of e-bikes. Their E-Traverse is a cross terrain styled bicycle. It is agile enough for road and street riding, but can handle dirt roads and light trail riding as well. For those looking to do more trail riding, Fuji offers an E-MTB, an Ambient with size 27.5 wheels. The Ambient can deliver up to 500 watts of power. Both bikes have different levels of pedal assist, which you can change while riding depending on what is necessary.

Unlike the Bosch system, BionX is a kit that is ordered and then installed to a bicycle of your choosing. Several kits with different ranges and power outputs are available. Most kits also have a throttle available. Once your kit is chosen, Highlander will order and install it onto your bicycle - or, if you wish, you may purchase a bicycle to install it on.

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